Public Sector Management / Public Administration

This programme is aimed at providing students with an understanding of the key skills required to manage successfully in the public sector.

The Diploma in Public administration and Management (DPAM) programme prepares candidates to work in the area of management, public administration and related fields. The course is designed to adapt to the changing world of administration management and provide a firm foundation for the world of work, necessary academic subjects, consideration of ethical principles and general studies that should influence decision-making in a administration environment.

The programme is intended to meet the current needs for managers with broad based training, and specialization in a given area of business. The programme incorporates some courses in Information Technology, human resource, finance and business to address the demands of a dynamic job market and the projected continued influence of electronic trade in conducting business and in management. Courses in humanities and ethics are included to address the need for a wider consideration of issues in decision-making.


Course Structure

 The Diploma in Public Sector Management - Part 1 

  1. Public Services Management
  2. Public Sector Economics
  3. Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
  4. Customer Service
  5. International Business Communications 

 (The Diploma in Public Administration & Management is awarded on completion of all Part 1 subjects)


The Advanced Diploma in Public Sector Management – Part 2 

  1. Public Service Ethics
  2. Public Sector Strategy
  3. Leadership Studies
  4. Organisational Behaviour
  5. The International Business Environment

  (The Advanced Diploma in Public Administration & Management is awarded on completion of all Part 1 & 2 subjects)