Sales Management & Marketing

Economic growth can only be increased and sustained if manufacturers, distributors and the service industries are able to sell and distribute their products profitably to the widest possible markets.

Selling, Sales Management and Marketing are therefore essential functions without which economic growth cannot take place.

 The Sales and Sales Management functions are two of the most important activities of Marketing and Selling is a professional discipline in its own right. It offers not only outstanding career and income opportunities but also provides a route to eventual senior management.


Course Structure

The Certificate in Sales & Marketing – Part 1

  1.  Business Management & Administration
  2. Economics for Business
  3. International Business Communications
  4. Marketing
  5. Principles & Practice of Selling

 (The ICM Certificate in Sales & Marketing is awarded on completion of all Part 1 subjects)


The Diploma in Sales Management & Marketing - Part 2

  1. Advertising
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Public Relations
  4. Quantitative Methods for Managers
  5. Sales & Sales Management

(The ICM Diploma in Sales Management & Marketing is awarded on completion of Part 1 & 2 subjects)

Purchasing & Supply Management

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, producers and all those involved in the purchase, storage and distribution of goods, stock and raw materials need to ensure that stocks and materials are effectively controlled and managed Poor stock control and bad purchasing decisions can lead to the financial collapse of an organisation whilst good stock control and procurement can enhance profitability and ensure long term growth.

This comprehensive business studies programme is designed for those who will eventually seek management positions within the Purchasing & Supply field.


Course Structure

The Diploma in Purchasing & Supply – Part 1

  1. Negotiation
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Stores Management & Stock Control
  4. Quantitative Methods for Managers
  5. Customer Service (New) 

(The ICM Diploma in Purchasing & Supply is awarded on completion of all Part 1 subjects)


The Advanced Diploma in Purchasing & Supply – Part 2

  1. International Purchasing & Supply
  2. Logistics
  3. Operations Chain Management
  4. Purchasing Strategies
  5. Purchasing & Supply Law

(The ICM Advanced Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Management is awarded on completion of all Part 1 & 2 subjects)

Project Management

As a management discipline, Project Management has evolved in order to enable managers to successfully plan, coordinate and control the often complex and diverse activities of modern industrial and commercial projects.

Projects can range from organising a company’s move into new premises to such activities as the building of a multimillion dollar petrochemical plant, the development of a new hotel complex, or the implementation of a new computer system.

The ability to manage projects is an essential skill which major employers expect their senior and middle managers to possess. As a guide to the importance of the subject, Project Management now forms part of many MSc and postgraduate programmes.


Course Structure


  1. Computers & Project Management
  2. Managing Work & Costs
  3. Nature & Organisation of Project Management
  4. Planning & Scheduling
  5. Purchasing & Materials Management
  6. The Financial & Commercial Framework


Public Sector Management / Public Administration

This programme is aimed at providing students with an understanding of the key skills required to manage successfully in the public sector.

The Diploma in Public administration and Management (DPAM) programme prepares candidates to work in the area of management, public administration and related fields. The course is designed to adapt to the changing world of administration management and provide a firm foundation for the world of work, necessary academic subjects, consideration of ethical principles and general studies that should influence decision-making in a administration environment.

The programme is intended to meet the current needs for managers with broad based training, and specialization in a given area of business. The programme incorporates some courses in Information Technology, human resource, finance and business to address the demands of a dynamic job market and the projected continued influence of electronic trade in conducting business and in management. Courses in humanities and ethics are included to address the need for a wider consideration of issues in decision-making.


Course Structure

 The Diploma in Public Sector Management - Part 1 

  1. Public Services Management
  2. Public Sector Economics
  3. Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
  4. Customer Service
  5. International Business Communications 

 (The Diploma in Public Administration & Management is awarded on completion of all Part 1 subjects)


The Advanced Diploma in Public Sector Management – Part 2 

  1. Public Service Ethics
  2. Public Sector Strategy
  3. Leadership Studies
  4. Organisational Behaviour
  5. The International Business Environment

  (The Advanced Diploma in Public Administration & Management is awarded on completion of all Part 1 & 2 subjects)


Office Practice - Certificate

This programme is designed for those school leavers who will commence their careers as clerical or general office staff but who wish eventually to become Supervisors or Office Managers. It provides the foundation knowledge required by most employers and the range of subjects widens the employment opportunities for those undertaking the programme.

Course Structure


  1. Accounting Techniques (Accounting)
  2. Business Management & Administration
  3. Computer Appreciation & Applications
  4. International Business Communications
  5. Office Procedures & Administration